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            Through the "XP" brand retail business, Zhejiang xiangpeng educational supply co, ltd. provides
            intelligent massage care products and services to people who pay attention to the quality of life
            and health. Since its establishment, the accumulative service users have exceeded 50 million.

            Xiangpeng has always been committed to making "love yourself" become a kind of
            encouraged attitude towards life, so that every consumer can use a more intelligent, more
            comfortable, more warm way to relieve pressure, care for themselves, care for others, open a
            healthy life;Also let the way of expressing care and love, bring the temperature of technology.
            We go all out, just to live up to every love.

            ---------Xiangpeng, start from love yourself.

            服务。自成立以来,累计服务用户超过 5000 万。

            翔鹏一直致力于做“爱自己”成为一种鼓励的生活态度 , 这样每个消费者可以使用更聪明、更舒适、更温暖的
            方式来缓解压力 , 照顾自己 , 关心他人 , 打开一个健康的生活 , 也让表达关心和爱的方式 , 把温度的技术。我们                                            多档调节    超高频率    低分贝震动

            ---------- 翔鹏,从爱自己开始。

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